About Us

Our vision

Helping all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, to move forward and achieve their business, financial and career objectives. Create value through innovation.

Our mission

To build a stronger customer base across the healthcare industry and gain international recognition for our commitment, high level of service and flexibility

Logimed is incorporated in 2020 to focus on providing excellence and professionalism of the highest standard in the healthcare industry. We are led by a team of experienced medical and healthcare industry players.

We strive to help make the healthcare industry more accessible to everyone via our service and expertise. We have a robust networking relationship with industry players which can be your leverage. We understand the increasing need and demand for better products and services and we are here to help our customers to reach their full potential by having tailored plans for individual needs.

Our group has offices around the world including most Southeast Asian countries and other countries for example USA and Mexico which can serve you around the clock to provide service whenever needed. With our extensive air, sea, and rail freight solutions, you can guarantee your products are well taken care of and are maintained in the best condition.

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