Why Logimed?

Our Team

Our team of pharmaceutical professionals led by a registered pharmacist can surely provide you with one of the best and most professional services available!

Regulatory Affairs
Digital Marketing Specialists
Sales Executive

The medical and pharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated industry with high barriers. We offer everything from consultation to logistics support to help you navigate your journey with ease. With Logimed providing help in solving these issues, you can now focus on the lucrative side of this industry.

Experienced Team

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

International Exposure

We work with reputable and well recognized companies from around the world.

Professional networking

Our partners can leverage their business with the networking we provide.

Hassle free solutions

We provide one-stop solutions from product registration to sales support.

Business Solutions

Warehouse Service

Our accredited facilities will surely be a good place to keep your products in the best condition.

Distribution Service

Distribute to clinic, pharmacies, hospitals. We also provide last-mile shipping solutions.


Our expertise will leverage your chance of getting a tender contract by knowing the ins and outs of the industry.

Sourcing Support

Difficulty in this area? Reach out to us and leverage our extensive networking!

Consultation Service

Our professionals will ensure you are on the right track. We can also deal with named patients and compassionate use medications.

Office Support

Need to chat with us? No worries, we are always here to guide you through should you need any help.

Marketing Solutions

Providing you with the latest market research and assistance in your marketing campaign.


No more frustration and panicking in getting a license and keeping it well maintained!

Pharmaceutical Product Registration

We will help you register your products in no time!

Food Supplement Registration

Including import and export licensing issues. Your one-stop solution provider.

Medical Device Registration

No clue on how to deal with medical device? No worries you are in good hands!

Other products

We also deal with traditional Chinese medicine and animal health products should you be interested.

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